Our Strength

We propose objects one to one consultation basis

Feel free to ask us on about real estates belong to other agencies. It should be selected based on your investment purpose. Not only based on Interest coupon rate, Markup on integration price, Loan term nor a sense of locality, but based on what you want in the future.

Only provide with properties with qualified screening

On REINS (Real Estate Information Network System), you can browse properties registered more that hundreds a day, but only a handful of them can be introduced to our clients.
We cooperate with lawyers, servicers and management firms to collect unreleased properties data.
This enable us to provide you with our post-screening properties.

Openly discuss Pros & Cons

We share Pros & Cons over the consultation. This is our core commitment.
We care about your wellbeing, we disclose Pros & Cons.
We treat you as our family letting you know of shortcomings of properties for your considerarion.

Advantageous Loan Arrangement

We collaborate with various financial institutions. We offer the best possible arrangement based on your situation. Loan arrangement can be made with us.

We prohibit undesirable sales contact

We won’t ring you, we email you over brockage activities.
Please feel safe on contacting us!

After purchase service

We maintain our service & responsibility on the properties you took.
We follow up time to time and check up the occupancy rate

Proposing Exit strategy & Investment simulation

Usually people make decisions on buying a property based on the monthly cash flow.
We carry out the performance simulations with an estimate possible income and Repayments’ possible.break-down.We will provide you with a Exit strategy for liquidation.
As a result, you will have an idea how your assets will perform over the ownership period.

Consultation with Pure Real Estate consultants

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