Property Management

Bespoke portfolio

Bespoke portfolio

Order-made management

Improving cash-flow

Improving cash-flow

Proposing Pragmatic approach



Assistance for complex to trivia types’ matter

As if your business partner, we deliver you comprehensive outcomes

We commit our professional service with one stop solutions. We dedicate to our role as your business partner on the consignment. Our devotion and loyalty never waver. Your ‘Thank you’ is our motivation and fuel.

Have you got problems?

Need second opinion on quotations of renovation

Exercise own insurance

Updates & watch on vacancy ratio & rental price

Reduce costs & Increase occupancy rate

Tenants recruitment

Increase value of property

Covid-19 related concerns (Cancels & delayed rent)

How to finance for repair expense

Our expertise is solving your problem


Comparing market conditions with your current situation; we assist;
Efficiency cost cutting Response to reduced profits

Tenant recruiting

Collaborating with Asset dept; we offer speedy turnaround by;
Industry’s Websites, Leaflets Marketing

Cash flow

Proposal of undertaking insurance Our network.
in the sector can assist ultimate cost reduction

Maintaining property values

Administrations of rents without forcing them down, based on a balance between rents and facilities.
Repair plans that cut unnecessary costs.

If you would like a free consultation, please contact us from here.
We will propose a plan that suits the owner.
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Real estate agency service

Protect your profit
Real estate agency service

Vacancy measures

Dealing with narrowaer range of customers.
Pure Real Estate
No agency system can be connected to wide rage of market.
Collaborating with broker firms for sales
Within 3 months we elaborate data & provide you by email& Fax
Hosting a inspection day
we host viewing & inspection right after the restoration/ renovation
Tenant recruiting on top browsing websites
Marketing on ATTB, Home-love CLOUD, REINS etc
Online inspection & viewing
setting up with camera with 360℃ angle (Theta)
Providing information by cloud service.
Sending prompt emails to each intermediary company representative when implementing a campaign or changing advertising conditions.
Posting of local advertisement signboard
An advertisement signboard would be posted near the entrance of the building to promote tenant increment and increase in the number of inquiries.
Support for common areas and vacancies
Carrying out walk-around inspections of common areas and vacancies, and always guide in the fastest condition.
Restoration of Original state
After the tenants moved, performing prompt inspection and high-quality restoration work through proposal of renovating with cost effectiveness.

Building management

Regular cleaning and walk-around inspection.
Legal inspection
Implementation of various legal inspections (firefighting equipment, water tanks, EV inspections, etc.)
Witnessing when evacuates, making an estimate for restoration work, etc.
Construction Work
Building exterior construction, rooftop waterproof construction and renovations of the living room in general.

Agency service

Manage Contracts
Access credit check & complete/terminate tenant agreement
Rent collection
Monthly rent income statement also will be made
Account Receivable
Issuing Demand Letters & arranging claim & litigation
24 hours service
Handling claims by tenants/troubles in vicinity

Our expert & consultants support you

with our motto ‘Delicate & Precision

Property Management

Feel free to contact us We assist through our experience over 30 buildings, over 100 flats & Apartments
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Ask us even tiny questions!

If you think of applying cheap renovations on your property, just contact us.

We own towers & flats nationwide in Japan in our investing technique. We pursue your true profit with, not our one way commission benefit

If you would like a free consultation, please contact us from here.
We will propose a plan that suits the owner.
Business hour:9am-6pm(Closed on Saturday&Sunday)


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