Privacy Policy

Pure Real Estate Co. Ltd.(hereinafter called “this company”) think that it is our social responsibility to properly protect the information that can identify a customer (hereinafter called “personal information”) when we conduct real estate business. We will establish our “Privacy Policy” as written below and all members of this company will make effort to follow this policy.

General Terms Concerning Processing of Personal Data in Your Content

Use of Data

Based on the fact that We process Personal Data in the course of providing Our service, for the purpose of Data Protection Laws, You are the controller of the Personal Data and We are the processor.
Personal Data processing by Us shall be governed by this Agreement and by any law of Japan

Use of Data in Third party

Only process Personal Data in accordance with Your consent and instructions ;

  1. Ensure that any natural person acting under Our authority who has access to Personal Data must only process them in accordance with Your instructions unless required to do so by applicable law;
  2. Inform You if it is required by the applicable law to process Personal Data other than in accordance with Your instructions unless prohibited by law on important grounds of public interest;
  3. Inform You if, in Our opinion, any of Your instructions would breach Data Protection Laws; and
  4. Assist You with undertaking an assessment of the impact of processing Personal Data, and with any consultations with a supervisory authority, if and to the extent an assessment or consultation is required to be carried out under Data Protection Laws.

Date of enactment:1 January 2020
Pure Real Estate Co., Ltd

Procedure of disclosure of Personal Data

We will respond to requests for disclosure of personal data in accordance with the scope of the law, after confirming the identity of the requestor.